• Chelsea Rice

Things You Should be Doing in Your Twenties

Being in your 20s means that you probably started your full-time job, maybe you have moved out, you're finally becoming more independent and you are experiencing a new part of life. There is so much you can do for yourself, that you SHOULD be doing for yourself. Things related to self-care, your well-being, state of mind, and physical sate.

Getting Your Jewelry Checked and Cleaned semiannually

Something my grandma and mom both remind me of! Jewelry is something very special that is timeless and generational. Take good care of it!

Always Have an Updated Resume

As your roles or accomplishments change in your current role, it is important to keep your resume updated. It is something that truly should always be a work in progress and deserves the time to be looked at every so often.

Make Time for Your Friendships

It is hard to balance your friendships among everything else, but if you’re like me I extremely value all the small communications and interactions that happen randomly. I’m lucky to have people in my life that make it seem like no time has passed when we’re together. 

Learn When Apologizing is Necessary

I am the first to say sorry when I feel like something is actually wrong. Sometimes, however, you might have to stand up for yourself. Be careful to maintain good relationships but also not let anyone take advantage of you and how you feel.

Find a Fitness Activity you Love

Find something you love or maybe continue to try new things! Nothing will keep you more motivated than finding an activity you love to do. You might get lucky and find friends who take the same classes as you. I found one and it really holds me accountable.

Purge Clothing Items You Haven’t Worn in a Year

This is SO hard. But do it. You don’t need the clutter in your life and you can make room for more things that you love and can wear long-term. 

Trust Your Gut

You’ve got so much more to go, but 20+ years is a lot of experience! If you’re socially aware, you probably can guess how things will go, with exception to the few curve balls thrown at us. 

Wear Sunscreen Daily

Because we aren't in our twenties forever!