• Chelsea Rice

Thickest Fudgy Overnight Baked Boxed Brownies

If you see me regularly there is a high chance you have had one of the desserts I throw together. Baking is somewhat of a stress reliever for me… and being a stressed person you can only imagine how much I bake. One of the easiest desserts I make are boxed brownies with a twist. I usually never make the same brownies twice, I try to keep it interesting. Here are some of my favorite variations:

  • Baking the thickest fudgy brownies in a smaller pan

  • Brownies with powdered sugar on top

  • Brownies with thick peanut butter buttercream icing 

  • Simple brownies with extra chocolate chips

  • Brownies with powdered sugar icing

  • Brownie truffles covered in white & dark chocolate with chocolate sprinkles

So here are a few important things you HAVE to do when making better-than-normal boxed brownies: 

  • Always buy the fudgy boxed brownie mix

  • Add ½ a bag of milk chocolate morsels when baking in a 13 X 9 pan

  • Use parchment paper correctly! The best tip I have is to take your cut piece of paper, run it under water in the sink and crunch it up, making sure the entire piece is wet. Wring out the water and then form it into your dish - it will now fit perfectly

  • Make your brownies a day ahead and leave in the fridge overnight before cutting or icing

Thick + Fudgy + Overnight Baked Boxed Brownies

Although I love personalizing boxed batter and creating something different every time, I did recently make the best brownies I have ever made… and will be making again. It was SO easy. Instead of following any of the dish recommendations on the box, I went ahead and used a 6X6 deep baking dish for 55 minutes at 350 degrees. 

Here is the kicker - with other variations of bakes you can eat brownies after resting them if you absolutely have to (the best brownies are the ones that are set in the fridge overnight). Well, with these you HAVE to let them sit in the fridge overnight before cutting. After pulling these out of the oven, you can flip the pan onto a plate and let them rest at room temperature for a moment. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and then place them in the fridge overnight. Try not to eat the whole pan the next day! 

You should expect to cut them into thinner, smaller pieces because they are tall, thick and rich. Cover with powdered sugar for a different look. Try not to eat the whole pan!