• Chelsea Rice

Overcoming Burnout

When our lives fall into a routine, we might start to fall behind in our work or become sluggish in things we usually want to do. Stressful situations could also be putting you in an “overload” state might be causing you to feel burnt out. It's totally fair to say that being in a toxic environment or being in situations with toxic people will drain you. I think I have felt this in so many situations in my life - relationships, school, both of my jobs I have had since graduation, and generally just keeping up with the gist of things. 

There are a few things I find myself looking up on Pinterest when I start to feel “weird” in my days. Words like: motivation, inspiration, work quotes, basically anything with affirmation or positivity. Here are a few of my favorites - all of which have been my screen saver at some point. I used to change my background weekly to something that was a goal of mine or some affirmation I needed to check in with throughout the week. It worked, but by the end of the week I stopped noticing them and changed it to something else. 


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