• Chelsea Rice

Moving in General & During the Holidays

Leading into December, my life has changed so much! I have moved out from my childhood home, moved in with my boyfriend, and made a long-term workout decision (and have loved every second of it). Life has been non-stop busy for the past chunk of time and for the first time in my life, I feel really thankful for the busyness I am living with now. I have always felt a lot of anxiety around being busy, but this is a new feeling of calm I am experiencing in this time.

Here is what I do know: moving out and moving in to a place during the holiday season is crazy! Things I have ordered for Christmas are either being shipped to my previous or current address and I haven't really kept track of what is going where. Decorating for Christmas is SO fun. I know I can live in Hobby Lobby and that I am obsessed with decorating for Christmas. Between furniture shipments and gifts, it feels like cardboard boxes have grown to be our third roommate. As much as I am excited for things to slow down and for these boxes to GTFO, shopping for Christmas and moving in with my boyfriend has been truly a special moment in time for me.

Something I have been looking into since I moved was a new gym to join. I loved the gym in my hometown - great instructors, affordable, and classes were offered at reasonable times with me working full-time during a standard workday. Since moving, I have learned most studios for what I want to do are expensive and cater towards people who work from home or don't work at all. No judgment for either, but I can't even pretend that those options exist in my lifestyle.

With much thought, I started landing on the homepage for Peloton. Which soon landed me on looking at a bike and accessories in my cart for almost 36 hours. I reached out to friends for reassurance, unsure if a Peloton was a good idea. Those bikes are expensive! After MUCH research, I can promise you Peloton is an amazing bike and the content they offer is extensive and promising. I bought the Peloton. I think it'll make a better third roommate than the boxes.

I am excited to be able to breathe a little more and write about some of the more interesting things happening around me or what I have learned in this process.

Overall, feeling full of joy and very thankful during this season.