• Chelsea Rice

Honest Review of Pure Barre - Is It Worth It?

Pure Barre is a workout focused on low impact, high intensity movements inspired by yoga, ballet and pilates. As you work throughout a barre class, the targeted parts of your body will start shaking and quivering as that muscle group is being worked.

What distinguishes Pure Barre from other classes I have taken is the detailed focus you must have on your body the entire class. Your form is so important and you have to really use your brain to keep the shape you need for the most effective workout. One thing this class showed me was how badly I needed to incorporate a core workout into my routine. My core was by far the most worked part of my body throughout the different classes.

I have so many thoughts on my Pure Barre experience. I won a discounted 1-month membership for my first month, so of course I went ahead and bought it to give it a try. To tell you the truth, for my lifestyle, I think this class is a waste of money. Yes, it is a good workout. The way Pure Barre itself runs their classes and memberships has me a little bothered, ultimately leading me to not renew the class. 

Building Core Strength: A+

Being a beginner runner, I probably have not given my core the attention it needs. I give Pure Barre pure credit for giving me this awareness. We would spend a lot of time in class focusing on our core and with their technique, I feel like I know how to make future core workout the most effective they can be.

Class Schedule and Attendance: F

If you are someone that has a structured work day, with a definite start and finish time, and does not have things spontaneously pop up that impact your day, then maybe Pure Barre would work for you. As someone who never knows what time my work day ends, this is the largest reason I can’t wait for my Pure Barre membership to expire. If you cancel a class within a certain time frame before the class starts, you are charged $15. If you are a no-show for your class, you are charged $20. When the monthly membership is already so expensive, that leaves me feeling like I am getting screwed by not being able to fit it into my schedule. Things come up and this company is not forgiving for it. 

Instructor Coaching: A

The instructors will do their best to correct your form during class which is very helpful, as they are always monitoring you during class. The small adjustments that suggest you make completely change your workout.

Timing: B-

The classes have not ended on time and I have then been late to things I am scheduled to be at after class. You have to wait on them to give you cleaning supplies to clean your space, which takes even more time. I want to clean my space, but I don't want to wait and be held up by it when I have places to go. 


Barre classes are offered at other gyms. I think that it's a great workout, but I think you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere. Maybe a gym that has multiple classes, which might include barre.. I always don’t want to be a member of any gym that charges on attendance. I am more than happy to cancel if something pressing comes up, but I do not want to carry that expense over my head. I do not recommend buying a full membership to just “try out” Pure Barre. If you are interested in becoming a member, try a few classes and make sure they fit your lifestyle first. 


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