• Chelsea Rice

Feeling Fall Vibes: Hair + Skin + Nails

It is almost fall - and my recent purchases are showing it, that is for sure. I'm not completely ready for the colder seasons, but I am over-ready for anything self-care related. Here are the items I am using or most excited to try (some are on order and haven't made it to me yet).

EACH Michele Pony Cuff: With small details in mind, I am the most excited to wear simple hair accessories. Hair cuffs are the easiest way to dress up your ponytails this fall. This is an effortless, sleek look.

Likqid RX Stress Reliever Natural Hair Oil: One thing we might all forget to do is take care of our scalp. It’s a little more common for me to always use your heat protectant, hair mask or leave in conditioner, so I am excited that I have introduced this into my routine and take better care of my scalp/roots.

L’Oreal Paris Brass Toning Shampoo & Conditioner: I have the slightest bit of color in my hair, but I love the fresh look this shampoo and conditioner gives my hair. This is affordable and available on Amazon + beauty and grocery stores. 

Flight Mode Hydration-Flyer Hand Mask: Always working with my hands, exposing them to many washes + hand sanitizer, and being in the cold(er) air has already dried out my hands and it’s not even dry-hand season yet.  I am all about a good hand mask.

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt: I always use a loofah in the shower, I have tried a drybrush, but nothing gives the visual results like this mitt. You can actually see your dead + dry skin be exfoliated off your body.

NCLA Beauty Vitamin E Infused Cuticle Oil: YES! Okay this stuff is amazing. I put a tiny drop (a lot goes a long way) on each nail and slightly rub it around my entire nail and surrounding skin. I try not to rub it in completely because I let the oil sit + soak for a while. The only time my nails have looked better was when I was paying for SNS nails twice a month. I do not get my nails done as often anymore and this oil makes up for it.