• Chelsea Rice

What You Learn from the Couch to Running 8 Miles

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

There are a few things I have learned being an amateur runner. Going from literally my couch to running 8 miles (my longest distance as of now), I have picked up a few different things that have changed my running experience - none of which I knew before really becoming invested in running.

Carrying Your Phone

Leggings with pockets ALL the way. The tight fitted pockets make me feel the most secure when running. I have tried a waist band and an arm band - both made me feel like I was somewhat weighed down because of it. No, not like actually heavy but I kept noticing both accessories when I wore them. 

Chafing SUCKS!

I can’t say I have ever had to deal with chafing in my life until I became a runner. In the heat of summer I wanted nothing else but to wear shorts during my run - what a mistake. I had to end a really good run early because I ended up so uncomfortable. I ended up buying biker shorts… and that was no better for me. Once again, I ended a great run early. 

With that being said, let me introduce you to the best purchase of my life. Body Glide is a Chafe Balm that works just like a deodorant stick, except you use it anywhere you might have any friction. It’s a life saver. 

Quality Headphones

After my dog got ahold of the headphones I loved, I had to look into getting another pair. I previously owned the Jaybird Freedom headphones. They were great! But we live in Apple’s world so of course I needed to know more about their Airpods and Airpod Pros. 

What’s the difference? Airpod Pros have the gooier accessory that can be changed for different sizes and also has a noise cancellation feature. Naturally, these two features make them pricier, but they’re absolutely worth it. When running, I don’t feel them in my ears and I don’t need to adjust them. Depending on the time of day I am running, I will turn the noise cancellation feature on/off, because they literally cancel all the noise out and all you can hear is your music. 

Adjust Your Playlist to Your Pace

My best runs are credited to specific songs in my playlist. It took me a while to really understand how this would affect my runs. For a while, I could only focus on making it through a short run. But as it became easier, it made more sense for me to start focusing on improving my pace. 

If you are a new runner, it is important to find up-beat songs you enjoy. Work on building your endurance. As you keep going, start considering strategically placing songs in your playlist around your struggle-minutes, where you really have to push yourself to keep going. Really sit down to reflect on the different beats of songs and match a quicker pace than you normally have. Truthfully, this only worked for me through trial-and-error. But once you find those songs that push you, you will really see your numbers improve. 


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