• Chelsea Rice

Building Your Passion Project

Finding something you are passionate about, if you haven’t been lucky enough to find it yet, is hard. Especially when you are busy. It’s so easy to justify that you have been too busy to not do something. For example, wanting to “relax” rather than invest in something that truly fuels your brain and life. By definition, a hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. The trigger word in that definition for a lot of us probably is regularly. One big laugh out loud for the busy person in the back! I think what the harder struggle might be is actually finding our true hobby. 

If you aren’t finding the time to do the things you think you enjoy, can we think that maybe you don’t enjoy that thing? Could it be true that for something we are truly passionate about, we will absolutely make the time for it? If you are living your daily life feeling like you can’t find a hobby, the only way to discover something different is to try something new! This is not to say that you have to find a new activity, this could also be adding a new step in your daily routine. If there is something you enjoy doing, don’t make excuses for yourself.

Easier said than done, right? There are a few ways you can make short and long-term hobby “goals” for yourself.

Make Your Hobbies Visual

If you want to spend more time reading, set a stack of 12 books out somewhere you see them. Read one book a month to hold yourself accountable.  If you want to spend more time at the gym, try and take classes where you have to sign-up or be coached by someone. Your passion project can easily be your health. Photography, calligraphy, or researching on how to improve something you do or want to learn about - give yourself a few minutes a day to do these things. Over time it really adds up.

Communicate Your Hobby with Your Circle

There is nothing better than accountability. If people are asking you about what is new or your progress with what you are doing, you will probably be more likely to keep investing in them for yourself. There has to be some psychology somewhere behind that.  Share pictures to show your progress for yourself and others. It’s more than just a project, make it your passion project and build excitement for what you are doing. 

Get Other People Involved

Hobbies do not have to be something you do alone. Maybe you join a club or maybe you find at least one person to follow your plan with you. It is so much easier to build this into your routine once you have other people participating with you.

Create Something Larger Than Life

When it comes to a project you are passionate about - the builder inside me starts thinking of more effective ways to take it on. Can you build it? Grow it? Expand upon it? These fit into your long-term goals. I am 100% a believer that you can make something you love a huge part of your life. It doesn't happen overnight, but if you truly nurture what you love to do, it will be built to expand and grow.


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