• Chelsea Rice

Becoming a Successful and Effective Salesperson

Sometimes the most simple things can turn into dynamic and compelling components to a much bigger picture. That simple thing for me in my life is beer. I spend every minute of my life supporting businesses on many size scales with their beer through local and national brands. My portfolio is always growing and it is exciting to be a resource for businesses in this way. 

Beer is such a common, everyday thing that you wouldn’t think something like that would be so competitive and challenging - let me largely say it’s a dominating factor in my life. Not because it consumes me, but because I care about my accounts. I worry that they have what they need to be successful and make a profit, that they consider me as a valuable resource to them, and for my brands to be largely represented in my market.

It does not happen overnight. I had to gain trust from my accounts to do their orders and decide how much their invoice would be for the week, to show I knew how to make effective recommendations for them, could be relied on, and be consistent. It took MONTHS for my accounts to know that no matter what, they can call me at any hour of the day to get what they need. That when they have a pricing question, I will always instantly text back. That when they have a busy weekend, I will do whatever I can to get them their product on my “time-off” or outside of their delivery day. Somedays I really felt like ripping my hair out while building these reliable relationships with my accounts, but it is SO worth it. 

There are so many things I have learned and am still learning more about through my sales role. My experience has made me a more effective human but also a businessperson, as I feel like I am a more productive communicator and worker because of them. If I could go back to the beginning of my sales life and tell myself a list of things, I would tell myself the following:

  1. Hard work over time makes you feel lucky when good things happen. Not that it is “luck” that caused good things to happen for you. 

  2. You have to give a crap and be there because you want to be there.

  3. You will be a target of the quality of someone else’s negative day. Staying consistent and remaining positive will help you break this barrier when it occurs.

  4. Be caring and focus on connecting, you will separate yourself from what might be average.

  5. Learn to be creative and think outside the box: conversationally, with your product, or through interacting with your clients.