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A Note on Early Mornings

On paper, I would exclusively identify as having the diet of an 8-year-old but having the tendencies of an 80-year-old. It’s bittersweet, but I will take my early bedtime, early rising self to eat chicken nuggets (with ketchup) for dinner any day of the week. Many great things come with having an old soul. Yet you don’t have to be “old” to incorporate any of the beneficial habits into your life. 

Wake Up at a Consistent Time

I give myself 2 hours to do whatever I need before I get in my car to go to work. Being an early riser anyways, this is not something I had to build into my routine, but it allows me to slowly wake up at my own pace. I don’t have a blaring alarm that shocks my system, setting the tone for the entire day. The longer you can work at waking up at the same time everyday, you truly won’t need an alarm, allowing for a more calm morning. 

Get Yourself Put Together

One thing I never do is plan any of my outfits the day before, unless there is something special happening. Everytime I have tried to do this I end up wearing something different, anyways. There are two truths I believe in:

  1. Dressing comfortable can make your day great

  2. Getting ready, like the whole process, can make your day great.

I will always be someone that wakes up, checks the weather (because we all know how that can change overnight), takes into account my mood, then decides what to wear. This ONLY works if you give yourself the time to think through all these details without having to rush. If I am feeling irritated in the morning, you bet I am wearing softer, more loose materials with my hair in a ponytail. Days where I feel more energetic, I will more likely take the time to fix my hair, makeup and be/feel more put together. 

Start Your Day with Breakfast

My job is pretty active which means breakfast is really important to my day. This is always my most nutritious meal I will eat. Taking this time to actually cook real food is awesome. Think eggs, fruit, and vegetables. This is seriously the only meal I am 100% sure that will be healthy in my day.

Stay Current

Yes, you guessed it, I love watching the news. I watch the Today Show, usually a recording in the evening because I leave for work early in the morning. I watch NBC Nightly News. A different way I also get updates is from the Daily Skimm, which I highly recommend! I like to be more informed on what is going on in the world around us as it happens. So much is always changing and truthfully, how can we have opinions on anything if we are not informed. I dedicate at least 30 minutes of my morning while I get ready to staying current. 

Give Yourself Structure

Everyone’s mornings will all look different, but creating a routine really does create the quality of your day. Maybe you make sure your room is tidy, that you get to the gym, make your bed, or any of the points above. This list is large but all able to be accomplished with no rushing! Two hours is 120 minutes to do whatever you need to do for a better, less stressful day.

This list is large but all able to be accomplished with no rushing! Two hours is 120 minutes to do whatever you need to do for a better, less stressful day.


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