• Chelsea Rice

10 Thoughts on Becoming an Action-Taker

We are all guilty to some extent of saying things we “wish” or “could” or “should” be doing to improve or accomplish a new goal. I am sure if we all sat down to think about it, there might be that one thing that we think about doing but never take on. I am here to ensure you that it takes a leap of faith and confidence to go for what it is you want, but it is totally worth it. The reward will outweigh the fear. 

In my sales role, it is a fast-paced, 24/7, essential always mask wearing busy job. It can be so fun and I work with amazing people. On a daily basis, I face new challenges every day which test my peace of mind and ability to react calmly. Nonetheless, each helps me learn something different that ends up contributing to everything I do next.

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I really encourage you to read these few thoughts below, things I think about often or have learned from action takers around me, on becoming an action-taker to see if any of them might apply to a specific situation in your life or work. If there is anything you can become aware of to take action, change your mindset and become more effective because of it. Details aside, I will be the first to tell you this month alone I have resonated with every single thing on this list. 

  1. Notice the difference between people who only “talk” about what they want to do or achieve and those who are pushing themselves to be better. Surround yourself yourself with the achievers.

  2. Be light hearted and accept criticism to continue progressing.

  3. Overplanning can harm you, sometimes you need to take action to see what works and doesn’t work to move forward. Don’t be afraid to take a risk.

  4. Be prepared to provide a solution before complaining about a problem. 

  5. Jump at new opportunities, in or out of your own role.

  6. Foster relationships when it’s simple to get to business when things become more complex.

  7. Be persistent. Think Meryl Streep.

  8. Think forward and don’t let previous trials weigh on your shoulders. Live, learn, and grow. 

  9. Be bold and communicate! Let your supporters hold you accountable.

  10. Build your own excitement and realize your passion. It’s all in your drive.

What’s the verdict? I would like to hear more about your story, if and how any of these action taking thoughts apply to your life. I look forward to hearing from you!


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